Button green 50 3D-PAWS-Arduino_GSM-PAK (id: 69) (sensor_id: 69) located at Erie
Description: 3D-PAWS Arduino/GSM Development @ UCAR/COMET - PAK
This instrument is designated as: ACTIVE
(If 'INACTIVE', the instrument will not appear in the dashboard.)


1302471 measurements were reported.
This instrument is expected to report a measurement every 900 seconds.
The first measurement was measured at 2021-01-07 15:15:37 UTC.
The last measurement is 3 minutes old. It was measured at 2021-01-27 07:43:18 UTC.

Plot measurements for the last 1 weeks


Short Name Name Units Min/Max (Plot) Measured Property  
hlth Health 16bits count
/ State Of Health
sg Stream Gauge percent
/ Datum
bcs Battery Charger Status count
/ State Of Health
bpc Battery Percent Charge percent
/ State Of Health
css Cell Signal Strength percent
/ State Of Health